Bath Music Association is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization.
All donations to the organization are tax deductible, whether cash or property.  The Association is always happy to accept older or used instruments to be used by the students who do not have or can not afford their own instrument.  Monetary donations can be directed to specific funds as you request, such as instruments, repairs, scholarships, uniforms, etc., or to the general fund.  We can provide receipts for all donations.  Contact our treasurer here.

The Music Association raises money for the music programs through many methods.  We operate the concession stands at home football games.  We staff the Wildcat Den two days each year.  We have sales throughout the year.  We have a dinner before the Bandorama each year.  We host the Band Spectacular each year.  These are all labor intensive, and we rely on volunteers for all of it.  We appreciate all the help you give so the music students can have instruments, uniforms, additional instructors, music, buses, and everything else that choirs, bands, and students need to be successful.

Music students have an opportunity to travel and perform at least once during their High School years.  Currently, the band and choir perform at Disney World once every four years, and the band and choir take a second, shorter trip once every four years.  The trips are optional for the students, and are financed by the individual students.
The Music Association offers several opportunities each year for students to earn trip credit for those trips.  Participation in the fund raising is also optional, however some students earn 100% of the cost of the trips through the fundraisers alone.

Gift cards, available all year, even during the summer.
Band and Choir students can buy gift cards through the music department to Speedway gas stations and Texas Roadhouse for their own use or for friends, relatives, or a gifts to others.  Five percent of each card is credited to the student's trip account to help pay for the major performance trips.  The trips occur during High School, but Middle School music students may also sell the cards and accrue trip credit for their trips in High School.  While $5 for each $100 doesn't sound like a lot, it adds up quickly, and many students pay for almost all of their trip this way.  Parents must sign and return this contract before students are allowed to sell gift cards.

Shorter term fundraising opportunities occur throughout the school year.  These include the fruit sale and the frozen food sale, which allow students to earn trip credit.  More details will be posted here as these fund raisers occur.

Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchase to the BMA if you select Bath Music Association as your charity.  It won't cost you any additional fee at all.

Gordon Foods will donate a small amount to Bath Music Association if you tell them you support us at checkout.