The Bath Music Association is made up exclusively of volunteers.  The group could not exist without the many volunteers who give so much of their time for the good of the music programs.

Why volunteer?  Volunteering gives you a chance to help the music programs at your school.  You get to have an active role, to be involved.  You get to give a little and make a positive difference for a lot of kids. You get out a bit, and you learn more about the music program and the school district in general.

What do the volunteers do?  They chaperone concerts, work in concession stands, maintain uniforms, set up events, manage the accounting, sort band candy, chaperone all the bus trips, schedule all the volunteers, help at performances, build sets for the musicals, run the Association, feed the kids at band camp, fix instruments, plan and work various fundraisers, work as roadies, vote on purchases, make web pages, raise money, work on costumes, serve the kids pizza, film performances, unload fruit, help plan for the future of the music program, work in the Wildcat Den, share in a pot luck or two, present scholarships, organize paperwork, paint, serve cold drinks at hot performances, and a million other things. Pretty much whatever it takes to support a 400-student music program spanning eight grades.  There is a place for you here.

Sometimes we grumble a bit, mostly we laugh a lot.  Sometimes we go home tired, sometimes we get together socially just for fun.  But when we look back, we're proud.  Proud of the program, proud of what we've done, and proud of the kids.  Join us.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to help the program throught the year.
  If you'd like to donate an hour or two a year, there is a place for you.
    If you want to donate 300 hours a year, there is a place for you.
      If you like to work around the kids, there is a place for you.
        If you don't like to work around the kids, there is a place for you.
          If you are available only in the evening, or during the day, or on a weekend, there is a place for you.

If you have a student in music, you are a member of the Association.   The calling committee will probably contact you at some time to request help with some event.  But sometimes they can't get a good phone number, or might miss you some other way.  If you want to help the music program, please contact the committee directly, and we'll be sure you get to be involved.  The email address is and we want you to be a part of the Tradition of Excellence.  Or come to our next meeting.  We're looking forward to working together.